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We have now sold off our game and animation business,
shutdown our studios and written off the related assets.

Aplix is Reborn
as an
Internet of Things Startup Company

       IoT Solution IoT Semiconductor IoT Patent Publishing

Consolidated Revenues and P/L

FY2016 Forecast(2016/1/1~2016/12/31)

Slim Down

Aplix has reduced a significant number of administration staff, along with the domestic and international staff associated with its legacy embedded feature phone software business. Finally, Aplix has shutdown operations of subsidiaries and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.

■Number of Employees (Consolidated)

Our Target is 700 Million Connected Home Appliances

Based on the latest information from the IHS Home Appliances Intelligence Service, the global smart connected white-goods market is forecast to grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 134 percent, from fewer than one million units shipped in 2014 to more than 223 million units by 2020. The appliance types covered in this research include washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, room air-conditioners and large cooking appliances. If other types of connected home appliances are included – like coffee machines, robotic vacuums, rice cookers, microwave ovens, air-purifiers, and electric toothbrushes – the total addressable smart connected home-appliance market is forecast to reach 700 million units worldwide by 2020.

IoT development experience with more than 100 manufacturers

Since 2010, Aplix has been developing and manufacturing wireless modules to connect home and office appliances to the Internet. Currently working with more than 100 home and office appliance manufacturers actively developing Internet of Things prototypes, Aplix has become the leading company with a huge advantage in experience and knowledge in connecting a wide range of home and office appliances to the Internet.

Our Recurring Revenue Generating IoT Business Model

With Aplix's Internet of Things solution, home and office appliances will become an integral part of innovative new e-commerce and information services, helping to create a better everyday lives for the users of our customers' products, and generate new recurring revenues for our customers. The target market of Aplix’s Internet of Things solution is 70 million network-connected consumer products (*2) anticipated to be shipping annually within 5 years. Aplix's mission is to connect e-commerce and information services with consumers with Aplix's end-to-end Internet of Things solution, consisting of wireless modules, smartphone applications and cloud services. The revenue generated by these solutions will be the main driver of Aplix's future business growth.


Potential Water Filter Market

■Global Water Purifier Market Size, By Value, 2010-2020F(USD Billion)

Potential Pet Supply Market

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